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holyfamily2We recommend that you consider this matter now, when you can do so calmly and thoughtfully. Pre-planning your funeral and selecting a site at one of our nine Catholic Cemeteries can now be done in one place for your convenience.

Making cemetery and mortuary arrangements in advance is both a loving and financially wise decision. Working with today’s pricing as opposed to tomorrow’s can also represent significant savings for you and your family.

The planning of funeral and burial needs can be difficult for families. However, our staff can answer all of your questions and offer guidance in a pressure-free environment.

Catholic Funeral, Cremation, Cemetery Services Provides:

  • Assistance and consolation at time of loss.
  • Traditional Christian ministry.
  • Reverent, prayerful, hopeful, family service.
  • Cost effective, convenient benefits.
  • One point of contact.
  • Guidance in understanding your funeral and burial options.
  • Information to assist you in making a well thought-out decision at your convenience.
  • Many affordable options.
  • Interest-free payment plans.
  • Assurance that your wishes will be followed.

To assist you with your needs, please contact a Catholic Cemeteries staff member today at cemetery@dioceseofprovidence.org

Ever since the sacred body of Jesus Christ was reverently laid in a tomb, the Catholic Church has respected the profound goodness and loving mercy derived from the interment/entombment of the deceased. The Catholic Church has always taught that burial of the deceased is a Corporal Work of Mercy; seeing it necessary to dedicate solemnly, consecrated ground for this holy purpose. Catholic Cemeteries serve this purpose of burying the faithful departed, as to bear witness to Christ and to await the resurrection of the body into life everlasting. In an effort to adhere to these fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church, the staff of Catholic Cemeteries works tirelessly to maintain the dignity and beauty of its nine properties.

The area or land that a Catholic Cemetery rests on is considered “Holy Ground.” This land has been blessed by a bishop or priest, and the deceased are interred or entombed in a holy and spiritual environment. Loved ones and family members are encouraged to come and pray for the souls of the deceased, knowing that they too will be together with them, one day, in the presence of Almighty God.

The Office of Catholic Cemeteries pledges to give their undivided care and attention when burying or paying respect to a loved one. The dedicated staff will fulfill every obligation and need that is required for providing a holy and spiritual ceremony. Once the deceased is laid to rest, one can have the reassurance and knowledge that their loved one is truly blessed from this sanctifying gift. Being buried in a Catholic Cemetery is truly a Holy Privilege.

Each cemetery is home to a chapel and a number of memorials to the saints and members of the Holy Family.  Cemeteries offer these features as yet another means for loved ones to pray, reflect, or pays one’s respect to the deceased in a dignified and respectful environment. Catholic Cemeteries is here to help during your time of need; faithfully serving past, current, and future generations of Catholics.

If you are visiting this page to plan a Mass of Christian Burial for a loved one, please know of our sincere condolences.

Upon the passing of a loved one, there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to ensure a holy, religious and dignified Catholic funeral. The Office of Catholic Cemeteries exists to provide the necessary assistance for the internment of the faithful departed. From purchasing a lot, to final graveside prayers over a loved one, the Catholic Cemeteries Office will help you through this transition.

Generally, a local funeral home will call the Catholic Cemetery Office with information relative to the intentions of the family, such as when and where the deceased will be buried. Funeral homes contact the Office of Catholic Cemeteries with information about the life of the deceased, along with the proper information as to when and where the burial will occur. Family members may then determine if they will purchase a grave or lot on a pre-need or at-need basis. A pre-need lot is bought before an actual death occurs. These lots, usually large in size, are purchased for future use by the family. An at-need lot is purchased at the time of burial, when a family member has passed and needs a grave or lot to be buried in.

In either situation, pre-need or at-need, the manager for the corresponding cemetery must be contacted in order to select a grave site for the burial of the deceased. The Funeral Home will generally call the manager (or lead foreman) to make an appointment at the specific cemetery for the selection of a grave. People can also call the cemetery by themselves and make an appointment to buy a grave for future use. Once a grave or lot has been chosen, and the date and time selected for the funeral, details pertaining to funeral masses and committal services are then discussed with a parish priest and the Catholic Cemetery Office.

A funeral Mass may be held in a parish to be determined by the family of the deceased. Generally, the Mass will take place in the parish from which the deceased was a member. After the funeral Mass has taken place, the deceased may be taken to a chapel of the cemetery for committal services. Final prayers are said for the deceased before internment and, as Catholics believe, the hope of future resurrection. Most families have their committal services in the cemetery chapels, but graveside services are also available, weather permitting. After the committal services have concluded, the deceased is respectfully laid to eternal rest in the holy, sacred ground of Catholic Cemeteries.

For more information, please contact the Catholic Cemetery Office at 401-944-8383.