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SAHow can I contact the Office of Catholic Cemeteries?
The Office of Catholic Cemeteries can be reached Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M. at 401-944-8383. You may also contact the Office by e-mail at cemetery@dioceseofprovidence.org

What is the process for requesting a genealogy? 
All genealogy requests are processed through the Main Office. Click here to fill out the form for a genealogical request.  If you are simply looking for a grave/lot location within a certain cemetery, please refer to the “Our Offerings” section.  Catholic Cemeteries can only answer questions regarding diocesan cemeteries. Questions pertaining to parochial cemeteries must be referred to the specific parish/cemetery office. Catholic Cemeteries has no discretion or association with parochial cemeteries.  The rules and regulations of Catholic Cemeteries are not applicable or related to the regulations of parochial cemeteries.

Where can I find a copy of the rules and regulations for Catholic Cemeteries?
Rules and regulations for Catholic Cemeteries can be viewed by clicking here.

Can I bury my pet in a cemetery?
Catholic Cemeteries prohibits pet burial in its cemeteries.

What is the Floral/Decoration policy for Catholic Cemeteries?
Catholic Cemeteries only permits natural flowers, living plants, or silk flowers in cone vases or in pots no larger than eight (8) inches. Inexpensive floral containers are recommended as all items will be removed by cemetery staff as they wither and fade.

What items does Catholic Cemeteries permit on the graves of loved ones?
As stated before, only natural flowers, living plants, or silk flowers may be placed (in cones or pots) on the graves of loved ones. Catholic Cemeteries does not allow these following items: figurines, plastic flags, Mom/Dad signs, windmills, wind chimes, balloons, toys, rosary beads, crosses, statues, candles, etc. The reason for these items not being allowed on graves is to maintain the dignity and serenity that Catholic Cemeteries are meant to have, as well as to prevent any of these items from damaging maintenance equipment.

Are veterans allowed to have American flags placed on their graves?
Yes. American flags are the only flags allowed on the graves of veterans. Catholic Cemeteries does not place flags on the graves of veterans, but does supply American flags for this purpose. Only American flags are permissible for all Catholic diocesan cemeteries.  Flags can be picked up in any of the corresponding cemetery offices.

Does Catholic Cemeteries allow the burial of cremains?
Yes. Catholic Cemeteries allows the burial of cremains in either a grave or niche as long as proper identification is given (a name plate on the urn is required along with cremation papers). St. Ann Cemetery also offers a new section specifically for the purpose of burying cremated remains.

Can I plant a tree around my grave?
Each Catholic Cemetery employs a number of personnel whose sole responsibility is the upkeep and maintenance of the cemeteries. In order to maintain a dignified environment, the office asks that relatives of loved ones refrain from planting trees, shrubs or bushes. Additionally, if such planting were allowed, it would greatly interfere with the daily maintenance around all gravesites.

Can I pick out my own grave location?
Yes. When searching for a grave or lot, an appointment must be scheduled with a cemetery representative in order to select and purchase a grave. The option of purchasing individual graves or family lots is completely up to you. Many will purchase a family plot well in advance to ensure that families need not worry about their own final plans, and to ensure that the families remain together for eternity.

Where can I obtain prices regarding graves, crypts, or niches?
The Main Office of Catholic Cemeteries or the cemetery office (in which you are purchasing your burial space) may be contacted for pricing information. Also, pricing information is listed in the “Our Offerings” section of this website.

What are the visiting hours? Are the cemeteries open all day and night?
There is no set time for the visiting hours for each of the Catholic Cemeteries. The gates are usually open from “dawn to dusk”, and remain open longer three days before and after Memorial Day until 8:00 P.M. Catholic Cemeteries do not remain open all day and night.

How can I request a special Mass in memory of a loved one?
Masses in memory of loved ones can be requested through the parish of the deceased’s family. The four yearly Masses at each of the Catholic Cemeteries are offered for all the faithful departed buried in that corresponding cemetery.

How can I stay up to date relative to ongoing changes and renovations at each cemetery?
Information and updates to ongoing changes at each Catholic Cemetery can be seen on this website. You could also contact the Main Office or pertinent cemetery office with your questions regarding changes throughout the cemetery.

When there is no more room at any given cemetery, how can I be assured that the grounds will be cared for?
Catholic Cemeteries assures all living relatives that their graves will be taken care of regardless of whether the cemetery is full or not. The general maintenance and appearance of Catholic Cemeteries is a major goal of its staff and workers. Catholic Cemeteries pledges to maintain the dignity and posture of its most holy and sacred cemeteries.

When I buy a grave at a cemetery, do I own the land?
The purchase of a grave at a Catholic Cemetery is not an actual real estate transaction, but rather a trusting agreement between the family and the Church. The Church still owns all the property in Catholic cemeteries, while the family purchases the rite to burial on this piece of consecrated ground.

My family owns a three grave lot, which fits six people. Two of the spaces are already filled by my parents, so who retains the right to the other burial places?
Catholic Cemeteries follows a line of inheritance that gives certain family members the right to burial. Unless specified by an a grave assignment, will, or other legal document, the children of the owner are the primary recipients of a grave/lot or crypt. Written permission by each heir must be obtained if another family member is to be buried in the lot.

Can I bury cremated remains in my family lot, and how many cremated remains can be placed in a burial space?
Catholic Cemeteries permits the burial of cremated remains in either a family lot or in a wall niche. A niche will accommodate one set of cremated remains, while each burial space allows for two sets remains. Burial space is also available in St. Ann’s new cremation section.

What types of monuments are permissible at Catholic Cemeteries?
Catholic Cemeteries maintains rules and regulations relative to the size and type of markers or monuments can be placed on graves or lots to maintain the dignity of the sacred grounds. To have an upright monument, a lot of three graves or larger must be purchased. Single graves and two grave lots may have flush or flat markers, but cannot have upright monuments placed over them due to their size.

Can non-Catholics be buried in Catholic Cemeteries?
Catholic Cemeteries welcomes all people as children of God. However, Catholic Cemeteries maintains all the ceremonies, rules, and regulations of the Catholic Church to ensure that the Catholic Cemetery maintains its holy and sacred identity.

What is the necessity of a liner?
All caskets and urns must have a protective concrete liner or vault encased around them to maintain the burial grounds of Catholic Cemeteries. Liners or vaults also provide the necessary reassurance that the faithful departed remains undisturbed, and that no damage is done to the casket or urn while interred. Liners and vaults also prevent sinking and damage to caskets when adjacent graves are being prepared for burials.